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Uncle Stu’s head shop in Romeoville ensures your vaping experience gets as colourful as the chakras and makes you connect with the top-notch quality of vaping experience on a spiritual level with high-energies resonating within your body. Our vape and smoke shop at Romeoville is instilled with the feel of elate living of the highest standard.

Just like the diversity of colors in our chakras, you’d find an extensive diversity of vaping and smoking accessories, vapes, juices and herbs in our head shop in Romeoville. Plenty of items in our perpetually growing inventory are rare to find in most of the vape and smoke shops in near you.

Romeoville Smoke Shop Products

Uncle Stus Vape Shop

Starter Kits/Mods

Instead of going through the perplexing process of finding separate components and trying to make their designs click together, we have starter kits to make your beginnings smooth and easy going. Our highly knowledgeable staff does a heavy amount of research to offer you a plethora of premium starter kits to high-end RDAs, Sub-Ohm Tanks, and Premium Box Mods.
Uncle Stus Kratom


Kratom belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa family, native to the countries of Southeast Asia. The alkaloids present in it could lift your energies high and bring an ample amount of physical, emotional and spiritual balance in your body. The herb has been proved to be a great remedy for people suffering from mental stress, chronic pain, obesity, diarrhoea and many other problems. Finding the best quality of Kratom in Romeoville would no longer be your issue.
CBD icon


Being one of the most useful components of the Cannabis plant, we’ve seen how CBD has been proved as a handy remedy to a wide spectrum of problems people face generally. The people that we employ at our head shop in Romeoville ensure the customers not only get the uppermost quality of CBD in Romeoville but also go home with everything they need or want to know about CBD.
Uncle Stus e-juice


A fair amount of dejection could lower down the spirits of the vape heads when they fail to find the flavour sketch they want to create. Uncle Stu’s vape and smoke shop in Romeoville gives the customers a choice to fancy the blend of flavours and colours they want or the staff do it for them, by offering them a huge variety of juices to choose from.
Glass Pipe Uncle Stus

American Glass

American Glasses are revered for their endurance and reliability. At our store, you’d find glasses crafted by the finest glass bowlers, of different colours, styles & textures that come with the silkiest of the smoking experience to get your chakras to work and fill your mind, body and spirit with vivid energies.
Smoking Accessories Uncle Stus

Smoking Accessories

From the premium starter kits to the reliable American glasses, our market research and enormous inventory ensure you get the finest, authentic and the most sublime products that are available in the market. Be it the e-juices of your taste or the backpacks to hold your products, you name them, we’ve got them.



Romeoville doesn’t have many vape and smoke shops and Uncle Stu’s head shop in romeoville rules out the need for more. It’s a one-stop shop that caters the need of every soul that is a part of the vaping and smoking culture.

The aura in the store offers customers a great feel to get their chakras at work and find the smoking accessories, vapes, juices, glasses that are congruent with their taste lightens up their body, mind and spirit.

We take pride in our team of individuals who do a hefty amount of research to get the best & the rarest items in the inventory and have the knowledge to educate and help our customers. Our store is decorated with a wide spectrum of products ranging from American Glasses, medicinal herbs, Bongs, e-cigarettes, etc. Our idea is to create a healthy and mindful aura in our store so that people could get the best vaping and smoking experience of their lifetime.

Call Now:(815) 524-7049.

You legit can not ask for a better place to go for your vaping needs! The owner and her family are just absolutely incredible. You feel valued/appreciated as a consumer and they are always willing to go the extra mile to get YOU what YOU need! You can't beat their prices either, finally a place not trying to rip you off and treats you like a friend rather then a number, you're met with smiles, kindness and down to earth conversation just by walking in the door!
Ashley C.
“Great people own this shop who are willing to help and answer any of your questions. The lady who helped me made sure I was ready to vape before I left! Very warm and friendly.”
Jeremy Z.
“I have come to this shop twice and both times I'm blown away by the outstanding customer service. This shop cares about the people. They want customers who return, not just a sale. Friendly, awesome, knowledgeable, and up to date products! Seriously - don't miss out out on how it feels like family when you walk in and not just a store.”
Brittany A.
“Shelley was very knowledgeable and friendly. It is my first time vaping. She explained everything about the electronic cigarette that I bought. I definitely recommend this place!”
Theresa H.

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Phone Number:(815) 524-7049

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