Getting Rid of the Smoke Smell

Cigarette smoke is rather stubborn, and very difficult to get rid of. The smell may not be an issue for smokers, but may possibly be a source of nuisance for others.

Getting rid of the smoke smell from yourself

Sometimes the cigarette smell is just not welcome. Maybe you have a job interview, and have to hide the smoke smell. How do you go about it?
Here are a few solutions to this tedious problem:

1 – Freshen up your mouth

After you smoke, immediately brush your teeth to get off the cigarette smell from your breath. If you don’t have access to a toothbrush, keep a chewing gum with you. Another effective way is to chew in some mint leaves to freshen your breath.

2 – Wash your hands

To remove the cigarette smell from your hands, wash them thoroughly with scented soap. Use a hand sanitizer afterwards to cover up the leftover smell.

3 – Wash your hair

Cigarette smoke tends to linger very strongly in hair because hair absorb the smoke particles and retains them for a long time. To get rid of the smell, shower with a good shampoo and use a scented hair styling product later.

4 – E-Cigarettes

If you completely avoid the smoking smell, make the switch to electronic cigarettes. You get your nicotine hit, and can choose flavors that don’t smell like tobacco.

Getting rid of the smoke smell from your home

If you need to hide smoke smells in your house quickly and efficiently, there are some things you could try.

1 – Towel and Vinegar

This tip works great with fresh tobacco smells, where all you have to do is dampen a towel in a bowl of vinegar. Wring it properly, and then proceed to wave it around in areas with the worst smoking smells. The towel absorbs some of the smells, leaving a fresher, cleaner air.

2 – Throw away the reminders

Perhaps, one of the quickest ways to get rid of smoking smells is by removing ashtrays and cigarette butts from the room.

3 – Let the fresh air in

The day you want your place to smell smoke free, open all the windows and doors. Let the smoke escape away, and let the fresh air help with diminishing traces of the smoky odor from the room.

4 – Air freshener

Guests coming over? While air fresheners will not remove the smoking smell, they will mask them for the duration the guests are over. Get an air freshener which periodically sprays into the room to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

5 – Bread magic

This little ingredient works wonders, and is an easy way to eliminate cigarette smells still hanging around. Take a piece of bread, soak it into white vinegar and place the bowl in the room that smells of cigarettes. The odors will be absorbed and neutralized, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

6 – Incense and candles

Not only do incense and scented candles add to the room aesthetically, but also help hide the smell of tobacco.

7 – Use deep cleaning techniques

If you really want to do something about the smoke smells, you will have to turn towards powerful products. Ammonia based cleaners are a good go-to, or you can just use white vinegar. They help immensely in getting rid of smells and also give the surface a good clean.

8 – Bicarbonate of Soda

To freshen up soft furnishing and eliminating tobacco smell that has found its way into your furnishing, use bicarbonate of soda.

9 – Wash all the Linen

Linen absorbs a lot of the smoking smells. This is why you’ll want to wash all your household linen including pillow covers, curtains and bed linen.

10 – Use air purifiers

Air purifiers can be extremely effective at getting rid of smoke smells. They will also improve the quality of your air.

11 – Wall washing:

Even your walls absorb smoke, that is how deep smoking smells get. Thus, to really get rid of tobacco smell, your walls will need washing. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is recommended for wall cleaning.

12 – Steaming the carpet

Steaming your carpet is a good way of removing smoke odors and makes your home smell nicer.

13 – Replace light bulbs

Heat attracts smoke residue, which ends up being collected as a coating on the bulb. It’s a good idea to clean them, preferably just replace them.

Where to get products to eliminate cigarette smell?

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